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What you'll find here: whatever I feel like reblogging at the moment and lots of random personal text posts. But mostly: Tolkien stuff (I love The Silmarillion, I have a soft spot for the noldor, especially feanorians, also Dark Lords, and sometimes good people as well), Doctor Who (whenever that damned show comes back), heavy metal and power metal, every variation of metal.
Martial arts are an important part of my life. Now also trying to be an archer.
Feel free to ask whatever you wish to ask if you happen to be curious or just want to talk.

"And therefore, since I cannot prove a lover,
to entertain these fair well-spoken days,
I am determined to prove a villain,
and hate the idle pleasures of these days."

William Shakespeare - Richard III

"But Morgoth hated the new lights, and was for a while confounded by this unlooked-for stroke of the Valar. Then he assailed Tilion, sending spirits of shadow against him, and there was strife in Ilmen beneath the paths of the stars; but Tilion was victorious. And Arien Morgoth feared with a great fear, but dared not come nigh her, having indeed no longer the power; for as he grew in malice, and sent forth from himself the evil that he conceived in lies and creatures of wickedness, his might passed into them and was dispersed, and he himself became ever more bound to the earth, unwilling to issue from his dark strongholds. With shadows he hid himself and his servants from Arien, the glance of whose eyes they could not long endure; and the lands near his dwelling were shrouded in fumes and great clouds."

— Chapter 11: Of the Sun and Moon and the Hiding of Valinor - J.R.R. Tolkien

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"The maiden whom the Valar chose from among the Maiar to guide the vessel of the Sun was named Arien, and he that steered the island of the Moon was Tilion. In the days of the Trees Arien had tended the golden flowers in the gardens of Vána, and watered them with the bright dews of Laurelin; but Tilion was a hunter of the company of Oromë, and he had a silver bow. He was a lover of silver, and when he would rest he forsook the woods of Oromë, and going into Lórien he lay hi dream by the pools of Estë, in Telperion’s flickering beams; and he begged to be given the task of tending for ever the last Flower of Silver. Arien the maiden was mightier than he, and she was chosen because she had not feared the heats of Laurelin, and was unhurt by them, being from the beginning a spirit of fire, whom Melkor had not deceived nor drawn to his service. Too bright were the eyes of Arien for even the Eldar to look on, and leaving Valinor she forsook the form and raiment which like the Valar she had worn there, and she was as a naked flame, terrible in the fullness of her splendour."

— Chapter 11: Of the Sun and Moon and the Hiding of Valinor - J.R.R. Tolkien


Hungarian horse archers

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I hate group projects because I have to actually work with what others do and I usually don’t agree or like what they do and so it turns into a power struggle in which I try to get everyone to do as I say and anyone that goes against me becomes my enemy and if things don’t go the way I want them to, then that means I’ll be a grumpy asshole during the whole time that we are working together.

And it has already started. I am not happy.


Tumblr text posts + the Silmarillion

just kick me out of the fandom already

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JAJAAJAJAA le va a gustar tu tatuaje

Cada vez que me habla de Fëanor y veo que le brillan los ojitos, yo pienso: ay Pa, cuando me preguntes “qué es eso que te hiciste?”. Si sigue así lo voy a terminar llevando para que le hagan la estrella a el.

Aunque, conociendolo, cuando le pase el shock me va a decir que menos mal que no me tatué nada de Fingolfin.




how can u not like glorfindel tho

Don’t trust people who don’t like Glorfindel

hi can I talk to you about our lord and saviour Glorfindel

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"Isil the Sheen the Vanyar of old named the Moon, flower of Telperion in Valinor; and Anar the Fire-golden, fruit of Laurelin, they named the Sun. But the Noldor named them also Rána, the Wayward, and Vása, the Heart of Fire, that awakens and consumes; for the Sun was set as a sign for the awakening of Men and the waning of the Elves, but the Moon cherishes their memory."

— Chapter 11: Of the Sun and Moon and the Hiding of Valinor - J.R.R. Tolkien




|| Absolutely inconsequential musings by Fëanor’s writer:

You remember the part in which Fëanor’s spirit is so fierce that sets his body aflame as it leaves it, yes? So I was considering how high that flame sprang, and how strong it was, because there were his sons about him and I could bet my collection of blings that at least one of them was holding him in some way. Like holding his body and such. Or a hand, or something.

…Did that flame slightly scorch any of them? Do any of them remember the heat or the faint burn?

You know what? I always thought he had ‘calmly’ burnt but after reading this, how could I ever have thought that? It was Fëanor dude, it must have been an EXPLOSION




he’s making it hop

this is the only thing I care about

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Oh, god, I would get on so well with your dad. I am laughing my head off at the moment!

hahaha I can’t stop laughing myself! I’m so glad I convinced him to read it (and that he’s actually enjoying it so much!)

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vanimore replied to your post: Father just came back home from work. …

Your dad is terrific!

He’s now calling cowards anyone who chooses to stay, I’m laughing so much!

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Father just came back home from work. He didn’t even say hello to me. He pointed at me and all he said was (in a rather loud voice) “after that speech, I too go with Fëanor!! there’s no way I’m staying in Valinor!” 


i scare people lots because i walk very softly and they don’t hear me enter rooms so when they turn around i’m just kind of there and their fear fuels me

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